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Contentment – Love the One You’re With.

Although it’s rather late, I feel compelled to share some thoughts on a key aspect of personal growth — being present in the moment. Earlier today, a friend confessed to spending an evening with someone while their thoughts were preoccupied with another person. Their candidness struck me. While most of us might choose to deny or conceal such feelings, it’s a predicament we have all found ourselves in, more often than we might admit.

This person we can’t seem to forget could be an ex-partner, a friend, or even a spouse — anyone significant enough to capture our minds or hearts. We might momentarily entertain these thoughts before letting them pass, or they might become so overwhelming that we accidentally call the person we’re with by the other’s name. Quite an awkward situation, to say the least!

Truly living in the present moment is no easy task. We often daydream, fantasize, and yearn for what is out of our reach. However, such desires, when they grow too strong, can be perilous. It is much like an addict craving their drug of choice, going to any lengths to attain it, and later regretting their actions. Similarly, our longing for what is beyond our grasp can strain our relationships and risk what we already possess.

Almost everything is benign in moderation, including natural elements like water and fire, which are harmless in controlled amounts. But should the floodgates open or the flames intensify, their harmless nature transforms into a dangerous force.

Thoughts and reminiscences can be beautiful sources of inspiration and motivation. However, when they evolve into obsessions, they can become overpowering compulsions that distract us from the present, prompting us to trade what we already have for something we believe we need or desire.

Accepting the company of the person you’re with, be it a spouse, a family member, a friend, or a business partner, is a vital part of living in the moment. This sense of contentment and wholeness allows us to experience peace and happiness, which are essential aspects of personal growth.

So, while it’s important not to suppress thoughts about the future or let go of your dreams, it’s equally crucial to recognize that the most valuable thing we possess is the present moment — life and appreciation for those around us.

Here’s a thought to ponder: I will strive to be wholly present with the individuals I am with while exercising discernment in choosing the company I keep.