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Finding Your Keys


“…Our fate lies within us. We just have to be brave enough to find it.” From the Movie Brave

Not too long ago my girlfriend, Katie, and I took a weekend trip to Carlsbad, a little beach town a few miles North of San Diego and about 100 miles South of Los Angeles. It rained the entire trip.

The first night we were there we walked in the rain to a very nice restaurant a few blocks from our hotel.

The dinner was fantastic, the service was great and place was worthy of a return, which we did the following morning not because we wanted breakfast, but because we lost our keys and were unable to locate them in our room or in our bags.

We figured we must of left them there the night before and were hopeful we would find them when the owner greeted us at the door. Unfortunately, they were not there, or any where else we looked including the hotel lobby, the Mexican restaurant we visited for lunch the previous afternoon or inside the car.

Completely bummed out from our misfortune we decided that the only way out of the mess we were in was either to pay for a replacement set (which would have been extremely expensive as the style of keys we had were the new fangled smart type keys that were part robot, part personal computer), or hitch a ride back to our house where the spare was kept.

Fortunately for us we were able to get a ride from one our family members who was nice enough to make a trip from Long Beach and drive us back to my car located in Fullerton.

In the end we made it to Fullerton and then to Encino and back again to Carlsbad in time for dinner. By the time we were able to drive both cars from Carlsbad to home it was well into the late evening. To say the least, it was a very stressful and tiring day.

It was the following day when I received the call from Katie who telephoned me from her office to tell me she found her keys. They were right in her purse where she left them on that rainy, wet night in Carlsbad.

After we laughed and considered how silly we were to have not check the little pocket in her purse where they were placed, we moved on and promised ourselves we would both have spare keys nearby just in case we managed to make a similar mistake or if we lost our keys while on another holiday.

For as small as keys are they certainly are an important part of our lives. Without them we would not be able to enter our house, our office, start our car or unlock the many locks we have protecting our belongings.

When we have them, life is great. When we don’t, well life can get pretty chaotic.

We should look at our special qualities, talents and gifts as keys (formulas for happiness and success).

This morning I received a call from Katie who called to tell me she accidentaly left the same set of robot-keys on the hood of her car when she took off for work. She heard them fly off of the car as she sped off from one of the intersections down the street.

Frantic and stressed, and ready to get sick, she returned home to pick up the spares we keep and drove me down the block where I found the destroyed set laying thrown and splattered all over the street in one of the busiest intersections in the San Fernando Valley.

The bad news was the metal keys – the ones to the house and locks – where utterly destroyed, bent, broken and completely non-functional, but the good news was, the Robot-key – made of plastic – was a little scratched but otherwise okay. How that happened no one could say.

Once again we were forced to address the issue with keys and we confirmed we had extras just in case something like this happened again.

In every endeavor there is a key. An element or solution that will allow you to perform what ever tasks are necessary to accomplish your goal and mission.

Many of us will seek out the answers and the formulas to life’s mysteries by reaching to exotic places and trying to locate the keys far beyond where we may be.

In many instances the answers and secrets to a happy and successful life are closer than we think. We have them deep within us.

Unfortunately, because of the noises in our life and the chaos and company we keep (in Coming-up we will call them people, places and things), we loose sight of this or we are unable to discern them even when they are right in front of us or in us.

Thought of Today: Today I will slow down and be silent. I will look within myself to find happiness and my highest fate . It’s here that the secrets to my life and my success will be found.

Live – Learn and Love

Home is where I Am

I moved this passed weekend. Can’t say it was fun, but it is nice that I am out of that dusty old apartment.  I think I sneezed a zillion times. My new place is dust free thanks to my wonderful girlfriend. She loves a spotless place and has worked hard to make her house comfortable and tidy.

Sometimes it is a good idea to clean house. Now I am speaking allegorically now. Cleaning house allows us to evaluate what we have, what we want, what we can do without and what we really need.  Without cleaning up a bit and getting rid of the old junk, i.e., ideas, misconceptions, prejudices, baggage, etc., we can not move forward. It is also extremely difficult for us to self evaluate and adjust our thought processes to allow us to improve and move forward.

Our happiness and contentment depends on what we know we have and what we know we need in order to live productive, healthy loving lives.

Self reflection is critical to this process. Standing – or sitting  back looking at ourselves gives us a chance to get to know ourselves and to become more intimate with our inner person. It’s the inner-self who decides what we do, where we go, how we treat others and what we expect to see and achieve each day. This person could be trying to sabotage us, or challenge us. They could be trying to lift us up or tear us down. You will never know, until you take a moment and get to know them. Are they your friend or are they your enemy?  Strange huh? When you look at this inner-self as something or someone separate from yourself you can begin to hear what they saying or not saying better. Consider it someone who is ‘for you” or “against you”.  If they are for you, well, great, you can move up. If they are against you, well, watch out. You have lot’s of work to to get them over to your side, and as long as they are against you and not on your side, they will be trying to block you and stop you from moving ahead.

Thought of Today: Today I am here and in the moment. I am not in yesterday and I am not in tomorrow, but now. I will live my today one moment at a time and with one purpose, To be where I am.