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Why Artist Should Embrace Who They Are

Having lived and worked with multiple artists, I now realize how difficult it is for them to find the right balance between their social life and their art. If you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is writing and playing music, know that you’re not alone.

If, when someone ask you ‘What do you do for fun’ the first thing that comes to your mind is being in the studio creating music, know that it is a beautiful thing and you shouldn’t feel bad, the way you are is a blessing.

Artists are incredible human beings who see the world through a different lens, they are vehicles of culture, they allow us to connect with other people on a deeper level. They strive to find the right words and sounds to express themselves and they end up creating stories that everyone can relate to. Therefore it makes total sense that they are not interacting the same way as ‘non creative’ people because they perceive things differently.

We live in a society where artists are misunderstood, we encourage creativity but we don’t take the time to understand how artists feel and process the world around them. I’ve been asked several times: How can I keep my creative space in a world that revolves around so much social expectations? Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you embrace the artist in you!

– Surround yourself with people who get it/ get you. 

It’s essential that people understand how you work, that you need your creative space, your desire to create/play music is deeply-rooted, it is a part of you and your circle should understand and respect the amount of time you dedicate to your art.

– Let go of social pressure / expectations

We won’t change the world over night. It is important that you accept that some people will always pressure you to change. You’re doing something that is not concrete for logical and non-creative people. They will always try to make you doubt yourself. Be confident and know that you are on the right path because you’re embracing the gift you’ve been given.

– Don’t be so hard on yourself

I see so many artists beat themselves up because they feel like they are not ‘normal’ or not ‘good enough’, that their art is not worthy. I believe we can use negative emotions to fuel creativity. However, as an artist, its important to take the time to identify your emotions and see the kind of impact it has on your creative process. Check out ‘emotional intelligence’ if you’d like to get further information on this topic!

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The greatest lesson I’ve learned over the years is that the essential key to success is Keeping Your Word.

At the heart of successful entrepreneurship or artistic pursuit, three values reign supreme: Integrity, Trust, and Respect. How does one cultivate these pillars of success? It begins with honoring your word.

Indeed, it’s as straightforward as it sounds. Be consistent and dependable, even when the tasks seem trivial. They could hold immense importance to others and significantly influence your relationship or project’s trajectory. So, if you’ve promised to email or call someone ‘before Thursday,’ ensure it is done by then. This may sound stern, but maintaining reliability and punctuality forms the foundation of trust—your paramount focus.

So, what often disrupts our good intentions to keep our word? Overcommitment is a likely culprit. If, like me, you’re quick to jump on new ideas and projects, there may come a time when you realize you’ve overextended yourself. Suddenly, your commitment to a project is untenable due to time constraints and competing priorities. This predicament is common—trust me, I’ve been there. That’s why it’s wise to deliberate before agreeing, learn to prioritize, and choose what will serve you and your career best. It’s about respect—both for yourself and your collaborators.

Navigating the music industry, or any competitive field, is tough, but it’s crucial to remember that you can adhere to your ethical standards and still attain your objectives. Embrace the fact that integrity and honesty will always propel you further in life than shortcuts or deceit. This is the path to true and lasting success.

Yasmine Van Wilt

Yasmine Van Wilt – Empowering Music and The World


By Sean Stroh

Yasmine Van Wilt is a North-American singer-songwriter, writer and actress. She’s completed a PhD in Creative Writing and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.A musical chameleon, she records under her own name and under the name of her two alter egos, Elle “A” and Antoinette.

While Yasmine Van Wilt’s band, Van Wild, just released a new album, it would be an understatement to classify her as simply a musician.

In fact, when she’s not in the recording studio, you can probably find her writing a new stage play, serving as an official Canadian ambassador of #ClimateAction or helping release her late Father’s book and spoken word project, Innocence and Awakening.

“I think being bullied as a child and having lived below the poverty line for much of my youth certainly incentivized me to aspire to create more, to prove something, initially, to my bullies, but ultimately to myself,” Van Wilt said. “The drive transitioned when I went to university and I wasn’t bullied anymore. I stopped being driven by the desire to be accepted, and I started feeling propelled by the desire to make the world a little better with art.”

As a musician, Van Wilt’s latest record The Cherry Tree offers a similarly diverse portfolio of genres ranging from the blues and folk, to country and rock, all of which highlight her low, rich vocals. Though straightforward in a sense, the tracks challenge mainstream representations of women and offer complex, powerful heroines as its primary characters.

“I’m all about empowering narratives for women. I wanted to create music that could play on Top 40 radio stations but also says something, that isn’t dumbed down or assumes my audience isn’t smart, capable and dynamic,” she said. “I think my audience is kick-ass, brilliant and fucking capable. I hope they hear that in my music.”

Van Wilt also managed another project while simultaneously recording The Cherry Tree. Although her father published a great deal of poetry, he had few collections of his writings printed for the public to read. When he was diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago, Van Wilt knew she had to take matters into her own hand.

“His publisher, Paulette Millichap, was extremely supporting of publishing a two-book collection of his work and I became the editor and producer of the entire project. I felt that we needed to do a spoken word version as well since it would increase the audience for the work. It is, as it happens, the only professional recording I have of my father’s voice.”

Despite having already accomplished a long list of musical, political and personal projects, Van Wilt claims she’s just scratching the surface of her potential.

“My father was my biggest supporter and losing him has been quite a blow, but I am motivated by the tremendous support and belief he had for me to somehow make him proud which I know is a silly sentiment. I’ve overcome these disadvantages by throwing myself into my work,” she said. “I typically tend to overcome challenges by going into over-drive and forcing myself to produce work that processes my emotion, even if it’s overwhelming. I know many others are battling similar foes so feel empowered by turning my loss and challenges into productive opportunities to hopefully make others feel empowered.”

Check out Yasmine Van Wilt’s music and find links to her social media through her website (



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Big City Brian Wright is set to take off


Introducing Up and Coming country singer-songwriter from Nashville, Brian “Big City” Wright. He recently released his first full length album Honkytonkitis and still maintains a day job that requires he be 30,000 feet above the air.

Many aspiring artists find themselves waiting tables on the side in order to pay rent.

Country singer-songwriter Big City Brian Wright gets to fly airplanes.

“I don’t know another commercial airline pilot who is doing what I’m doing which is why I consider myself the first ‘Singing Pilot,'” Wright joked. “It worked for Jimmy Rogers as ‘The Singing Brakeman’ and Roy Rogers as ‘The Singing Cowboy’, so why not?”

Although the rising country artist from Nashville has achieved several career milestones this year, his musical journey experienced its fair share of turbulence along the way.

In fact, it wasn’t until after 9/11 that Wright actually began playing music regularly.

“The airline business was in a major shakeup and I didn’t know whether I would have a job. I was single, flexible and kind of bored to be honest,” he recalled. “All of my energy had been put into my career until that point. For years, I tried to figure out how to afford to do music full time and eventually just started doing it anyway.”

Following a long night of drinking, Wright convinced his buddies that chasing girls in uppity clubs would be fun for only so long.

Why not form a band? At the very least, they could hear the music they wanted to hear, get some free beer and of course, have the girls come to them.

“I met my wife during our very first gig,” Wright said. “We’ve been together for 15 years. I win.”

While Wright found his spouse rather quickly, developing an album proved to be an entirely different experience. If anything, it was Wright’s willingness to endure and refusal to settle that shaped the authenticity of the songs featured on his first full length album Honkytonkitis.

I never forced any song I wrote. After 10 years of writing, I was looking back at these unrecorded tracks knowing I would forget how they went if I didn’t record them,” Wright said. “So I reached out to some professional session players that I knew in Nashville and they invited me to record with them in probably the best studio in town. I did this for a couple of years before slowly letting people hear the music.”

Many of those who heard Wright’s tracks walked away so impressed that they offered to pay for the music. As the demand increased, he eventually set up a website and began selling his songs, albeit to a small sample of listeners.

“Everything kept evolving until I had this whole album,” he said. “I just kept following this path that really started from a love of country music.”

That genuine affection for the genre recently caught the attention of iHeart Radio’s Digital Artist Integration Program, which placed his single “Lonesome, On’ry and Mean” on 128 stations with over 240 million monthly listeners for the entire month of June. The cover of the Waylon Jennings country classic charted rather quickly, beating several other major label artists in the process.

“I’m not going to lie, the competitive side of me enjoyed it so much. My music is different and can compete,” Wright admitted. “I know what country fans want to hear.”

In the meantime, the self proclaimed singing pilot has a simple, yet challenging goal in mind for the future with two more albums of material ready to record.

“I just want to keep all this momentum going. I feel like a bottomless pit for creativity,” Wright said. “Pilots are naturally very Type A, self motivated and somewhat courageous people. When you’ve been in a tricky situation more than once where didn’t know whether you were going to live or die, standing on a stage singing songs seems pretty harmless.”

Check out Big City Brian Wright’s music and find links to his social media through his website (





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Lo Res Mik 6


Rising from the dark and dangerous ashes of the recent ‘Miami’ EP release, British dark-wave/electro/indie act ‘They Called Him Zone’ return with a new free download single and announce a fresh EP will be landing later in 2016.

Once again hatched from their basement studio in Bradford (UK), ‘Just Fall’ is the latest offering and laced with psychedelic edged hypnotic dark wave grooves, electronic beats, raw melodies and the menacingly laid back vocals of TCHZ creator Mik Davis. Described in imaginative terms by the artist – ‘Just Fall’ is the equivalent of ‘having an acid trip in a locked box, in pure darkness whilst been fed Galaxy chocolate through a small mouth hole. Tasty yet constricting’.

The track, which appears on the forthcoming EP ‘Crow Swan Wolf’, features the guitar mayhem of TCHZ’s new arrival and collaborator Steve Malony (Blood Devine/Vicious Cabaret). Steve describes the process of how the song evolved: ‘We shared a bottle of wine at Mik’s one night and he played me the songs he had. It seemed we were moving along similar lines in terms of the sort of music we were interested in making – sultry electronica combined with chewed up modulated guitars. A couple of nights later we went down to his basement studio and laid some guitar on this cool track called Just Fall’.


Catch up with They Called Him Zone at  and



Ash of Eden

From Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Ash of Eden

Hailing from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Coming Up metal band Ash of Eden was first born in 2009 as a project created by our vocalist Alex Rivers and guitarist Jsmoke.

As a young band, Ash of Eden struggled with the typical issues that many bands have, and went through many other musicians in thier search for the right team. They fell into a brief hiatus in 2012 and re-emerged in 2014 with the addition of drummer J.W., and hit the scene hard with or without a bassist as they cycled through musicians. They found the last member of the team in early 2016 with the addition of bassist Mike, who added his stylings to Ash of Edens already unique metal sound. Finally whole, Ash of Eden has been on a rampage through AL and neighboring states, playing in front of many varied audiences, and is ready to come rock your town!

Currently recording tracks for our upcoming album “Lost Souls” and about to premier the first single “Magic No More” along with a music video soon.

Next year they have a 2 week tour planned in June that’s currently getting routed.

Upcoming shows:
August 5th – Zydeco – Birmingham, AL

Social media:










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Marc Iacona and John Nugent, Producers of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival has grown from its start in 2002  — a three-day event that drew 15,000 people. Fifteen years later, we now present nine days of jazz that attracts almost 200,000 people to Rochester, New York.

Marc Iacona and John Nugent

“The arts play a vital role in all parts of our economy, and our health.” – Marc Iacona and John Nugent,producers of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

We’re often asked how we built and sustained what has grown to become one of the leading jazz festivals in the world.

When you make the artistic side work, the business side works too. There’s no one way to do it, but what we have put together works, and people want to come.

Great work, hard work: From the beginning, our goal has been to consistently be the best at what we do. We work hard to be relevant and provide a consistent professional artistic product that enhances the quality of life with in our community.

Art and value: Some of the elements that have been key to our success are the combination of styles and genres that go into the artistic product: The diversity, the international element, combining past elements with new elements and determining what music works for which venue. We are the only jazz festival in the country that focuses on British, Scandinavian and Canadian artists. And our Club Pass enables people to sample a lot of music for a low price.

Feature our community: We are fortunate to produce the festival in a great city. This location, with the serendipity of the venues, people walking from street to street, taking the shuttle, stopping for traffic, makes the festival work.

We create a focus on Rochester for nine days that elevates Rochester in the community, in New York state and throughout the country. As a result, the festival has become a leading contributor to the visibility that Rochester gets.

More venues: Our growth has evolved through the addition of more venues, higher attendance and an increase in sponsor support, which has enabled us to add new stages, and attract bigger name artists, which in turn draw bigger crowds.

Loyal sponsors: Running a multi-venue, multi-day, multi-genre festival, simply could not be done without our sponsorsand their staying power and loyalty.

We have built a top-ranked and rated event that companies and organizations want to associate with and sponsor. They do it for community support, brand opportunities, customer development, as well as quality of life for employees and the community. Their support and association with the festival over a long period of time has been important to the event’s stability.

Our association with Xerox, has helped propel us to a different level of programming and the experience that festival-goers enjoy. Xerox activates its sponsorship with relevant and innovative technologies  in addition to business services.

Easy access: Rochester’s footprint is another contributor to our success. The beauty of our city is its accessibility. People can get to and from multiple venues easily.

Strong relationships: From the beginning, we forged a strong relationship with the renowned Eastman School of Music, which is at the epicenter of the festival, and has multiple venues in close proximity to each other.

Although we are in business, making a positive difference artistically and educationally is important, and has also been a factor in our success. We want to help sustain this art form of jazz, which has influenced the rest of the world. Our commitment to youth, and scholarships to Eastman School, help educate and inspire the next generation. In addition, we feature young musicians from the region in the festival, which may give them a spark and purpose that might turn into a career. That pays it forward.

Keep promises: We continue to strive for consistency of the product, delivering on what we promise, being as good or better, looking for satisfied patrons, and wanting people to feel good about their investment. An example of that confidence is that thousands of people buy club passes before our lineup is announced, because they trust us to deliver a great festival.

Festivals often have a lot of turnover, but ours is very stable.

One of the reasons is that we care for those we work with: the artists, and those to whom we outsource services.

Passion and vision make a difference

Our vision is to continue to be a vital part of the community and align ourselves with those who share our passion. The arts play a vital role in all parts of our economy, and our health. We see it in the faces of people enjoying the festival.

It’s not out of reach for any individual to make a positive difference in our personal lives, business lives and community. It comes down to having a passion, and having a vision. Once you identify that, then make a decision that you’re going to do it no matter what.

When you have that attitude, you know you will have roadblocks, but you have made the commitment.  And that’s what drives us.



Coming Up Music Discoveries and news 7-14-2016

The Dirty Clergy Return With Sophomore Album

The Dirty Clergy, a garage rock-pop band hailing from Winfield, Alabama, have released Rattlesnake, their second full length album.

The group’s sophomore effort has a little bit of something for everyone, from the fervent vocals to the harmonic hooks and gritty energy.

With its catchy melody and rock and roll spirit, the lead single “All I Need” will certainly leave you hooked.

You can check out The Dirty Clergy’s music and find links to the band’s social media through their website (



Avindale Release Second EP Time Frames

Alternative-pop group Avindale recently released their second EP Time Frames which features a blend of spacey grooves, dreamy synths and haunting beats.

The band’s lead single “Where The Light Shines Most” offers a taste of what listeners can expect on the new EP.

You can check out Avindale’s music and find links to the band’s social media through their website (



Jonny Carroll Premieres Lyric Video For Catchy New Single

Singer-songwriter Jonny Carroll has unveiled a lyric video for the title track of his debut album Leaving On The Light.

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Carroll’s first full length release came from a dark moment in his life.

“Most of this album was written just after an abandoned wedding engagement, and I found myself wandering the streets of the UK for a couple of winter months trying to make sense of it,” Carroll said. “The songs are very pop in melody, but folk in narrative.”

You can check out Carroll’s music and find links to his social media through his website (



Breaker Novogratz Unveils New Single and Music Video

Breaker Novogratz has followed up his pop inspired debut hit “Family” with a brand new single called “Home” and an accompanying music video.

World famous guitarist and composer Hernan Romero joins Novogratz on the new single, providing a mature and thoughtful backdrop to the young singer’s soothing vocals.

The video for “Home” was shot on the palm-fringed coast of Transcoso, Brazil.

You can check out Novogratz’s music on his Facebook page (




Chasing Down Sunset, an upbeat pop punk quintet from central Jersey. Their new EP, “A Proper Introduction,” is being released on 7/18

Chasing Down Sunset


Chasing Down Sunset was originally started by childhood friends Jill Beckett and Dan McCool, who would casually jam to covers together in Jill’s garage in like 2014.  By Spring 2015, the pair decided it was time to buckle down and commence a serious search to find more musicians to collaborate with. After cycling through a few personnel changes, the band was rounded out with the addition of Zion Dixon on guitar, Richie Mandanici on lead vocals, and James Gougeon on bass. With no desire to aim themselves in a particular genre at first, Jill matched her catchy hooks and relatable lyrics with the upbeat instrumentals that Dan, Zion, and herself were creating, culminating in an original brand of energetic pop punk with their own unique tones.  Shortly thereafter, in June of 2015 the group released their debut EP “And A Step Forward”, selling over 200 copies and cementing them as a new face on the scene that should not be taken lightly. In an effort to further their sound, the band evolved again to bring in Jimmy Fasulo taking over the lead vocal position in addition to bringing a new, more sophisticated lyrical style, and Ryan Ross taking over bass duties. With the help of producer Rob Chiarappa (The Stolen), the zealous quintet put their heads together to create their sophomore effort, “A Proper Introduction,” poised for release in July 2016. With big plans and an average age of 16, Chasing Down Sunset is sticking the course to take over the New Jersey music scene and beyond.


Pop Punk


“A Proper Introduction” EP – July, 15th, 2016

Written by: Jill Beckett, Jimmy Fasulo, Dan McCool, Zion Dixon, and Ryan Ross.

Recorded at: Cannon Found Soundation & Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single: “Dear You” *RERELEASE* – July, 5th 2016 (original version – June 24th, 2015)

Written by: Jill Beckett

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single off ‘A Proper Introduction’ EP: “Words / Phrases” – July 15th, 2016

Written by: Jill Beckett, Jimmy Fasulo, and Dan McCool

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single off ‘A Proper Introduction’ EP: “Copper Pulse” – July 15th, 2016

Written by: Jimmy Fasulo

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single off ‘A Proper Introduction’ EP: “Positivity In Transit” – July 15th, 2016

Written by: Jimmy Fasulo & Jill Beckett

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


“And A Step Forward” EP – June 30th, 2015

Written by: Jill Beckett, Richie Mandanici, Dan McCool, and Zion Dixon

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa




Living The Van Life:


Original Rock 24/7:


Anthem Review:




PR contact: 25/8 PR, LLC |



Twitter: @CDSTheBand

Instagram: @chasingdownsunset





Jimmy Fasulo – Vocals

Jill Beckett – Guitar/Vocals

Dan McCool – Drums

Ryan Ross – Bass

Zion Dixon – Guitar


Tomb in Giza Pyramid is protected by a ‘primitive machine’ built by the ancient Egyptians

Léa Surugue,International Business Times ONC UK