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Ash of Eden

From Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Ash of Eden

Hailing from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Coming Up metal band Ash of Eden was first born in 2009 as a project created by our vocalist Alex Rivers and guitarist Jsmoke.

As a young band, Ash of Eden struggled with the typical issues that many bands have, and went through many other musicians in thier search for the right team. They fell into a brief hiatus in 2012 and re-emerged in 2014 with the addition of drummer J.W., and hit the scene hard with or without a bassist as they cycled through musicians. They found the last member of the team in early 2016 with the addition of bassist Mike, who added his stylings to Ash of Edens already unique metal sound. Finally whole, Ash of Eden has been on a rampage through AL and neighboring states, playing in front of many varied audiences, and is ready to come rock your town!

Currently recording tracks for our upcoming album “Lost Souls” and about to premier the first single “Magic No More” along with a music video soon.

Next year they have a 2 week tour planned in June that’s currently getting routed.

Upcoming shows:
August 5th – Zydeco – Birmingham, AL

Social media:










Coming Up Music Discoveries and news 7-14-2016

The Dirty Clergy Return With Sophomore Album

The Dirty Clergy, a garage rock-pop band hailing from Winfield, Alabama, have released Rattlesnake, their second full length album.

The group’s sophomore effort has a little bit of something for everyone, from the fervent vocals to the harmonic hooks and gritty energy.

With its catchy melody and rock and roll spirit, the lead single “All I Need” will certainly leave you hooked.

You can check out The Dirty Clergy’s music and find links to the band’s social media through their website (



Avindale Release Second EP Time Frames

Alternative-pop group Avindale recently released their second EP Time Frames which features a blend of spacey grooves, dreamy synths and haunting beats.

The band’s lead single “Where The Light Shines Most” offers a taste of what listeners can expect on the new EP.

You can check out Avindale’s music and find links to the band’s social media through their website (



Jonny Carroll Premieres Lyric Video For Catchy New Single

Singer-songwriter Jonny Carroll has unveiled a lyric video for the title track of his debut album Leaving On The Light.

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Carroll’s first full length release came from a dark moment in his life.

“Most of this album was written just after an abandoned wedding engagement, and I found myself wandering the streets of the UK for a couple of winter months trying to make sense of it,” Carroll said. “The songs are very pop in melody, but folk in narrative.”

You can check out Carroll’s music and find links to his social media through his website (



Breaker Novogratz Unveils New Single and Music Video

Breaker Novogratz has followed up his pop inspired debut hit “Family” with a brand new single called “Home” and an accompanying music video.

World famous guitarist and composer Hernan Romero joins Novogratz on the new single, providing a mature and thoughtful backdrop to the young singer’s soothing vocals.

The video for “Home” was shot on the palm-fringed coast of Transcoso, Brazil.

You can check out Novogratz’s music on his Facebook page (




Chasing Down Sunset, an upbeat pop punk quintet from central Jersey. Their new EP, “A Proper Introduction,” is being released on 7/18

Chasing Down Sunset


Chasing Down Sunset was originally started by childhood friends Jill Beckett and Dan McCool, who would casually jam to covers together in Jill’s garage in like 2014.  By Spring 2015, the pair decided it was time to buckle down and commence a serious search to find more musicians to collaborate with. After cycling through a few personnel changes, the band was rounded out with the addition of Zion Dixon on guitar, Richie Mandanici on lead vocals, and James Gougeon on bass. With no desire to aim themselves in a particular genre at first, Jill matched her catchy hooks and relatable lyrics with the upbeat instrumentals that Dan, Zion, and herself were creating, culminating in an original brand of energetic pop punk with their own unique tones.  Shortly thereafter, in June of 2015 the group released their debut EP “And A Step Forward”, selling over 200 copies and cementing them as a new face on the scene that should not be taken lightly. In an effort to further their sound, the band evolved again to bring in Jimmy Fasulo taking over the lead vocal position in addition to bringing a new, more sophisticated lyrical style, and Ryan Ross taking over bass duties. With the help of producer Rob Chiarappa (The Stolen), the zealous quintet put their heads together to create their sophomore effort, “A Proper Introduction,” poised for release in July 2016. With big plans and an average age of 16, Chasing Down Sunset is sticking the course to take over the New Jersey music scene and beyond.


Pop Punk


“A Proper Introduction” EP – July, 15th, 2016

Written by: Jill Beckett, Jimmy Fasulo, Dan McCool, Zion Dixon, and Ryan Ross.

Recorded at: Cannon Found Soundation & Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single: “Dear You” *RERELEASE* – July, 5th 2016 (original version – June 24th, 2015)

Written by: Jill Beckett

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single off ‘A Proper Introduction’ EP: “Words / Phrases” – July 15th, 2016

Written by: Jill Beckett, Jimmy Fasulo, and Dan McCool

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single off ‘A Proper Introduction’ EP: “Copper Pulse” – July 15th, 2016

Written by: Jimmy Fasulo

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


Single off ‘A Proper Introduction’ EP: “Positivity In Transit” – July 15th, 2016

Written by: Jimmy Fasulo & Jill Beckett

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa


“And A Step Forward” EP – June 30th, 2015

Written by: Jill Beckett, Richie Mandanici, Dan McCool, and Zion Dixon

Recorded at: Noisy Cricket Studios

Produced by: Rob Chiarappa




Living The Van Life:


Original Rock 24/7:


Anthem Review:




PR contact: 25/8 PR, LLC |



Twitter: @CDSTheBand

Instagram: @chasingdownsunset





Jimmy Fasulo – Vocals

Jill Beckett – Guitar/Vocals

Dan McCool – Drums

Ryan Ross – Bass

Zion Dixon – Guitar

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Be Somebody- Share this New Music Video “Our Time” From Positive Hip Hop Artist “Ahmen”

“Music and art inspire us. They can move us to tears. They should move us to action. This is Troublemaker hip-hop”. Ahmen

They say it’s far harder to frown than it is to smile and we are dam convinced it’s a hell of a lot harder to write music and and poetry with a positive message than a negative one – especially in light of current events. That said, positive hip hop artist Ahmen must be one of the strongest men to come up on the music scene in quiet a while.  The track and new music video “Our Time,” offers an inspirational message of hope that people, when united, can work together to solve racial and social conflict in modern America.

The song is rich in lyrics and deep in meaning and  is beautifully choreographed with  between Ahmen and powerful background singer Jos J who’s choruses and hooks compel the hardest of listeners to  believe in the power of  love and unity.

“Our Time” features is the first single from Ahmen’s forthcoming album, due out later this summer.

Please share this song with your friends and family and do your part in stopping the violence.

#besomebody #troublemaker






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Coming Up Magazine – All for One, One for All

Coming Up Magazine – All for One, One for All

2015 was an amazing year for Coming Up Magazine. What started off as a small side project to help promote a few select L.A. local bands and artist, it has grown to showcase amazing artist from all over the Country and Australia and the UK. With a small team of excellent and talented writers who know and love music, Coming Up Magazine has featured great musicians playing everything from Punk to the Blues, to electronic and pure Rock and Roll. 2016 will see targeted growth in other markets including Northern California, New York, and others.

My personal belief, and the fundamental mission behind this project, is to give out positive energy and promote health and healing through music and the arts at the local level and to showcase and feature emerging new artists and musicians. We are confident that this will help inspire and elevate each of us to Be more and Do more on our own path and quest to “Come Up”.

All for One, One for All!

Brian Carrillo, Publisher, Coming Up Magazine.


The Theory of Rock

The Theory of Rock

Rock Music – A rhythmic emphasis on melodic progression to a percussive point, with consistent harmonic reinforcement.

Rock Theory: All music as rock and roll (the “optimal” genre)

Its categories are subdivided as follows, with the
primary twin branching examples, culminating in its traditional incarnation, followed by an artist signifying the general quintessence of each genre’s manifestation.  Each general category is governed by a chief Fourier-analytic symmetry equation which determines its objective optimization.  The result is, with the addition of the common aim of both the scientific and artistic sentiment, and the latter inclusion of form and function models (as given by the physical incarnations of tautology loop, relatively resistance-free continuum-action Schopenhauerian Idea archetypes, preserved irrespective of speed [here referred to as “Rhythm Models”; which are actually “kinesis eidolons”], projecting as motion-time models in the cognitive spatial manifold), 7 governing equations of rock and roll, which total – with the inclusion of secondary sub-equations – a matrix theory of 20 equations:

  1. Popular Rock (Pop) – Bubblegum, Rhythm and Blues | Folk Melodies [The Beatles] {Equivalence As Symmetry | a = a} (Consistency/Harmonization)


  1. i) y = x [Line] | Projection: Linear Momentum – “Joy”
  2. ii) 0 = 0 [Point] | Rhythm Model: Marble Clicker


  1. Emotive Rock (Emo) – Folk Music, Heavy Metal | Opera [Paramore] {The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus | F(b) – F(a) = ∫-ab(f)} (Vicissitude/Moodswing)
  2. i) [([x]2 + [y]2)]2 = 2[c]2([x]2 – [y]2) [Lemniscate] | Projection: Planar Momentum – “Depression”
  3. ii) (f(x-2) – f(x-1))/dx [Limit] | Rhythm Model: Faucet


  1. Dance Rock (Dance) – House Jams, Rap | Hymnals [Lady Gaga] {The Nash Equilibrium |  ∫-i(f-1 + f-2) ≥ 0} (Cooperation/Integration)
  2. i) f-1 + f-2 = 0 [Neutrality] | Projection: Spatial Momentum – “Effortlessness”
  3. ii) f-2 – f-1 < 0 [Zero Sum] | Rhythm Model: Spring


  1. Punk Rock (Punk) – Soft Rock, Classic Rock | Tribal [Nirvana] {The Pythagorean Theorem | [a]2 + [b]2 = [c]2} (Simplification/Emphasis)


  1. i) (1/3)πh[r]2 [Cone] | Projection: Angular Momentum – “Declarative”
  2. ii) (4/3)π[r]3 [Sphere] | Rhythm Model: Gyroscope


  1. Synthetic Rock (Synth) – Techno, Anthem | Jazz [Garbage] {The Fibonacci Sequence | g(0) = 1 + (1/(1 + (1/(1 + . . .))))} (Complexity/Pattern)


  1. i) y = 1/x [Hyperboloid] | Projection: Wave Momentum – “Ecstasy”
  2. ii) x = ab [Prime Root] | Rhythm Model: Sand Hourglass
  1. Psychedelic Rock (Psychedelic) – Experimental, Progressive | Blues [Katy Perry] {The Euler Relation | [e]iπ + 1 = 0} (Summation/Euphoria)


  1. i)  ∫([e]x) = [e]x + C [Non-Differentiation] | Projection: Vibrational Momentum – “Oblivion”
  2. ii) π(x) ~ x/lnx [Differential Progress] | Rhythm Model: String


  1. Electronic Rock (Electronica) – Dubstep, Classical | Celebratory [Smashing Pumpkins] {Electricity | 3-∇(E|) = 0} (Baseline/Changelessness)


  1. i) E’ = 0 [Closed System] | Projection: Circular Momentum – “Optimality”
  2. ii) π(x) ~ p-i [Primacy] | Rhythm Model: Pendulum

With these 28 genres of music, the two dual components of all music (base rhythm and melody) seal the 30 classes of music (as the sifting categorical measure of temporality and all possible emotional expression) – which, in the end, was all rock and roll, as an approached limit of rhythmically compressed emphasis; only, theoretically modeled properly from the 20th century onward, and seen in this contextual self-consistent framework – as the encapsulation model of all possible genius and sentiment.  The sophistication of the classification scheme is evidenced by its capacity to identify proper genres based on their rhythm models, which can be heuristically derived by comparing the relative centricity of malleability of an appropriate applied metronome, and then “fitting” the appropriate step-archetype.  These phenomena model not only all of music, but all of neutral reference frame physics of space, due to their extended application to temporality.


Rock then, in the end, is not only the ultimate form of music for many, but is the ultimate form of music.  It reminds us that: “This is the best of moment of my life . . . because it is happening right now.”

Island Universe by Feeding People – Gone but not Forgotten

Feeding People’s Island Universe is a strange and  creative music video that shows the creative genius of the writer, Louis Filliger who departs from the traditional garage punk stuff of his earlier works to a deeper and more loftier sound that will get you to wonder if he is mad or simply fucking with your mind.

Jessie Jones’s  vocals is a lovely blend of innocence and scorn as she sings, “Forever… Forever..” to the 60’s retro guitar licks of Filliger as he smashes into your frontal lobes.