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Brian Carrillo

Introducing the one and only Brian Carrillo – the self-proclaimed guru of all things online publishing, personal brand management, and direct and online sales, marketing, and promotion. If there’s anyone who knows how to rock the internet world, it’s this guy!

For over two decades, Brian has been knee-deep in the realm of internet audience and social media development. He’s been utilizing the World Wide Web like a wizard to create, build, and sustain mind-blowing business-to-consumer and business-to-business market promotions and interactions. He’s practically the internet’s superhero!

But wait, there’s more! Brian is the genius behind Coming Up Management, the mastermind publisher, and the Senior Editor of Coming Up Magazine and Coming Up Publishing. Don’t let their fancy names fool you, though – these folks operate right out of their garage in Pacoima, California. It’s a DIY indie publicity and promotional group that’s all about inspiring, enriching, and motivating up-and-coming music artists. Rock on, Brian!

Now, let’s talk about Brian’s double life. By day, he dives into the world of brick-and-mortar business development, hustling with product sales and promotions, and occasionally taking field trips to job sites. But when the sun sets, it’s a different story. Picture Brian strolling hand in paw with his partner along the beach, jamming to country tunes, and engaging in epic wrestling matches with his trusty canine companion, Barley. Talk about a man with a well-rounded life!

Hailing from the land of sunshine and movie stars, Brian is a fifth-generation Southern California native who proudly calls Los Angeles his home. He’s got a couple of not-so-pretty kids (hey, they take after their dad’s unique charm), a can of sardines (don’t ask), a six-foot jacuzzi (for those moments of pure relaxation), two rolls of duct tape (the ultimate problem solver), and a can of WD-40 that fixes everything (literally, everything).

Want to keep up with Brian’s wild adventures? Follow him on social media, where hilarity, wisdom, and occasional shenanigans await. Get ready to laugh, learn, and join the fun!

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