Coming Up

No Man is an Island

‘Coming Up” does not mean at the cost of other’s mistakes

..”For any man’s death deminishes me for I am apart of all mankinde”.    John Donne

On China’s Failures and Successes

China is well poised to overcome the US on so many levels. Despite this, We Americans need to refocus our energies on education, creativity and technological progress. Not only must we build better mousetraps and products, but we must also build better character in ourselves and our children. If we do this, we won’t need to fear China, but celebrate her successes and mourn when she fails as well.

Brian Carrillo

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Torey10 mths ago

well now you make no sense how could something like this happen if we keep Democrats the ones that shut down the Shuttle Program in power they will just shut down the rest of space exploration…. what needs to be done is Strip power from both parties…. Religion has nothing to do with this so.Vilic


I am no expert in Foreign relations but I am an expert in human behavior. We fear what we know little about. It’s easy to fear other nations and cultures that are not like ours, but does this help us and lift man as a species? No. It undermines all of us and eventually leads to our demise.  Instead of casting the stone at others consider your own shortcoming and ignorance. What are you doing to succeed? Are you blaming others and justifying your actions through hate and ignorance?

Today’s Thought of the day: I will embrace the differences in others and celebrate their successes and mourn their losses.   I will stand up for truth regardless if it is popular or not.