Coming Up

Contentment – Love the One You’re With.

I probably should not attempt to write about such an important part of Coming Up as late in the night as this but I feel  I should. You see a friend of mine earlier today made a comment about how he was with someone the other night while thinking of someone else. I give them tons of credit for being so honest with themselves and others and admitting it. Most of us would rather ignore it or hide it.

But we have all done it, and likely do it quite regularly. It’s only natural. But is it fair to ourselves and to the person we might be with? Not really, but each of is guilty of it.

It can be an old fling, an old relationship, spouse, a friend, anyone really. Perhaps someone we would just rather be with or can not get out of our mind. Whoever that other person may be, they are important enough in our mind – or heart – that we can’t stop thinking about them. Maybe it is just a fleeting thought and we forget them as fast as they came to mind, or maybe the thought of them overwhelms us so much we call the person we are with by the other’s name. That could be awkward!

Being present in the moment is not easy. We daydream, fantasize, and long for things beyond the moment and far from our grasp. Sometimes when these emotions and longings become so strong they can become dangerous. An addict will feign for his or her drug of choice stopping at nothing to get it. They will do things they later regret just to get their next fix. Likewise, if we desire something beyond our reach or beyond the moment to such a degree, it can harm our relationships and jeopardize what we already have.

Few things in and of themselves are dangerous in moderation. Even the most awesome elements, such as water and fire are moderately safe when contained in manageable amounts. Open the flood gates or turn up the flame – watch out. Those candle lights or droplets will turn in to a raging inferno or white water rapids.

Thoughts and reflections are lovely and can help inspire and motivate, but let them become obsessions and they will quickly become overwhelming compulsions that will distract you from the present and even cause you to throw away what you already have for something you think you need or want.

Being content with who are you are with regardless of the relationship., ie. a wife, a family member, a friend, a business partner or anyone, is an important part of being in the moment. It is only when we are in the moment that we are able to feel complete and satisfied. When we are complete and satisfied, we will find peace and experience happiness. That is a critical element to ‘Coming Up“.

Don’t bury thoughts of tomorrow or abandon your  dreams  but realize that the most important thing any of us has is what we have at this exact moment – life and thoughts for the one’s we are with.

Thought for the day: I will be present with the people/person  I am with but I will carefully chose the people I decide to spend my time with.