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Good News

Today it is a little cold outside here in the Valley yet according to the latest news, the ice caps continue to melt at unprecedented rates and we have the hottest temperatures on record in the northern hemisphere. I also read that our nation is on the verge of economic collapse and bombs killed top officials in Syria earlier today, not to mention many others have been robbed, maimed, killed or robbed during random and/or planned crimes and accidents. There are many other depressing headlines but I think I will spare you the agony and move on to my point for the day which is basically, if you rely on the news to cheer you up, for get about it.

Happiness  comes from positive stimuli which for many of us will be the small things not the news we read about.

It’s the small things that make the difference in the world – not  the huge events.

So what are the small things?  The small things are the often overlooked stories or events that are difficult to find or which become overshadowed by the nuts and bolts of life. But if we dig a little, or tune down the TV or music we might find it and hear about them.  They can be a huge butterfly flying around your yard or a hummingbird hovering outside your window. They can be the new oranges on your tree that will be ready to eat in a few months or the figs you see growing on your baby fig tree.

They can also be the smile of neighbor or the dog barking in the back at a squirrel.

A phone call from a friend, an email from your kid who is away at school or a note from your bank telling you have more money than you thought you did.

As for Good News, here are a few headlines that I would consider ‘Good News” to help you with you mood adjustment:

If these are not enough for you, I suggest you just go outside and do some stretches and look up.

That’s what I just did and I feel better already.

Thought of the Day: Today I will go outside and stand under a tree.  It’s these small things (or big things if you have a big tree like me) that will make me rich and a little cooler when it’s hot.