Stephen Hawking

FAKE NEWS: Stephen Hawking Warns Against Voting for Hillary Clinton and Points to Ancient Mayan Prophesies

Famous Astrophysicist and  lecturer Steven Hawking recently came out of retirement to warn Americans about voting for Hillary Clinton for President.

Considered the smartest man alive, Steven Hawking warned that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, the universe and all that is in it would fall out of serious cosmic alignment.  He quoted ancient Mayan text which spoke of the end times when a great fire breathing dragon would emerge from the sea and consume all that was around it including other horrible creatures and creepy crawly things.

“and in these times, a dangerous beast with eyes like fire and teeth like knives would ascend on the land consuming all things seen and not seen.  The beast will first  inhabit the lands by taking things which was not his and giving up it’s very own offspring in order to conquer the supreme nations of the earth”.

The Mayan text continues, mumbles Hawking, “and once the nations of the Earth are consumed and the moon and the stars fall into the abyss, all matter dark and light will descend into the pit of the ancients where nothing can be seen or not seen”.

Hawking has always been neutral when it comes to politics so his opinions and theories have always been accepted as fact by both his supporters and antagonist.

Could Hillary Clinton be the beast spoken of in these ancient Mayan texts, no one can be sure. It is interesting however, how the Mayans have been correct in their prophesies time and time again.

The following is an abbreviated list of several Mayan prophesies which have come true:

“Time will eventually stand still” – ( London’s Big Ben stoped working in 1978 for two days).

“The Emperor will wear no clothes”.  (Rome fell in in 578 AD)

“The Sky will darken and turn to Night”  ( We have seen countless total eclipses since the prophecy).

“An Eagle will land” (Mankind made it to the moon).

“The End is Near but nay not in the year 2012”  (We almost saw the end of the World in 2012″

“A great king of the mighty earth will rise and screw harlots in his office” (Bill Clinton)

” A spring of knowledge will emerge from the deep and expose the wicked” (Wikileaks (maybe)

“In the final days of election karma, the Pigs will fly”  (FBI announces they will  reopen Hillary Clinton’s email case).


Is Hillary the cause of the growing discord happening in the cosmos? Will the planet Niburu finally reach the earth and destroy it as many on the internet are suggesting?  Are the Clinton’s part of the alien conspiracy and reptilian ran Illuminati?

We will all find out in just 11 days.