Coming Up


Consider the movement of river or stream. At times it is still and at other times is like a roaring lion. What’s interesting is that regardless of it’s appearance, the river holds the same energy.  What causes the river to increase it’s speed has more to do with the angle in which it is flowing and the opening in which it is flowing through.

Both these elements can be manipulated either naturally or through mechanical means. Does this mean that there is more water originating from the source? No. It’s still the same river.

Stillness affords us the opportunity to relax our force and to preserve it for the right occassion. Each of us has a life force that will run out – it is inevitable. Calming our mind and our spirits allows us to preserve it and to live a healthier more energetic life.

To enjoy the beauty of nature we must embrace the moment.

Thought for the Day: I will live for the moment and celebrate tomorrow when it arrives.