Tora Woloshin
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Tora Woloshin and Her Pop Revolution

The name Tora Woloshin may not ring a bell for the majority of mainstream music listeners, but she is definitely the kind of pop star that more people should be listening to nowadays. For those that do know her, probably discovered her during the debut season of X Factor USA, quickly becoming a favorite for Simon Cowell, and if there’s one person in the world that can truly spot talent, it’s the ever-so-blunt, veteran talent judge.

Prior to her X Factor premiere, she had gone through a series of auditions for Lucky Break, a singing contest spanning months on end that required her to quickly learn her songs. After making it to the final round, she had been called for the X Factor audition, driving back and forth between the two competitions. While that was chaotic to say the least, it was the moment of one of her greatest successes, winning Lucky Break and capturing the hearts of the X Factor judges and audience alike with her rendition of Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”

The globally recognized talent contest that recently lent its theme to the gaming industry with the upcoming launch of The X Factor Games as well as the hugely popular X Factor Board Game, helped Woloshin open up a world of opportunities, despite not making it that far along in the competition. From there, her fan base grew, ultimately signing with Fli Life Music, through whom she released her single with.

Her single “Guns & Roses” resonated with her fans and the music industry at large, but after witnessing the corrupt side of the business, she ended her contract with the indie label to write and produce her own music in hopes of collaborating with fellow musicians who share the same vision as her. Though Woloshin may not be recognized by the mainstream, she has already opened for acts like NeYo, toured with hip hop sensation B.o.B., and worked alongside Jay-Z.

Her style is a mix of pop, R&B and rock, which is will be highlighted in her current project, “XXVII.” With electronic dance music dominating the pop music scene, the LA born singer-songwriter tells American Pride Magazine, “I feel like trendy and contemporary is no longer current. Music is going to start going backwards, to the days of reality and live instrumentation. The soul will return.”

It’s refreshing to find an artist that refuses to hop on the EDM bandwagon, and with the release of her new album, Woloshin plans to ignite a pop revolution to bring life back into the genre.

Check out “Guns and Roses” by Tora Woloshin