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Coming Up

Coming Out About Coming Up

For nearly two decades, I’ve been at the forefront of the digital revolution, crafting and launching online platforms. In the early days of the internet, we were pioneers, brimming with anticipation, navigating unchartered waters without a compass. Few of us foresaw how deeply it would permeate every aspect of our existence.

The phrase “World Wide Web” still echoes from my memory. It came to life in the era of 286 computers, during the embryonic stage of web-browsers. This was akin to unveiling a “New World” to me, a term that later birthed my first website: New World Builders. This name was born from my conviction that we stood at the threshold of a virtually unknown world. The subtitle I used? The New World Wide Web.

So impassioned was I by the potential of the internet that I liquidated my assets, sometimes generously donating them, and plunged into the realm of creativity to chase my dream: creating a web platform that encourages users to transcend their horizons and explore this new world. My secondary platform, “Dreamland,” reflected my creative inclinations, housing an array of short stories, introspective prose, and romantic poetry, all reflecting my deepest musings.

Collectively, I’ve created a mosaic of websites and generated thousands of pages of content—original or repurposed—spanning topics from building materials and indoor air quality to literature, art, fashion, home products, dating, high-speed trains, and beyond.

If someone asked “Why?” I’d answer: because the internet has democratized self-expression, creation, discovery, and self-investment, allowing anyone to reach a global audience. Never before has it been so easy to share music, poetry, stories, or any form of art, evident in the millions of blogs and websites currently on the internet. Nowadays, anyone can author a book, compose a song, create a music video, and share it with the world, often for free.

Coming Up Magazine, another project of mine, is an evolution of my earlier works. The term “Coming Up” used to denote coming across a desired object, sometimes obtained by unsavory means. Today, “Coming Up” means “on the rise” or “up next.” It is frequently used in media to announce what’s forthcoming.

This music and entertainment-focused platform stemmed from a conversation with my son about essential life and business practices. I advised him to be more than a writer, photographer, or artist—to become a publisher. Why wait for someone else to promote your work when you can do it yourself?

Another motivation was to help my daughter promote her music as an independent singer and band member. Today, Coming Up Magazine showcases up-and-coming bands and musicians, people, places, and things on the brink of success. It’s also a continuation of my original writings, “Coming Up – A Street Wise Guide Through Life, Learning, and Love”.

For me, “Coming Up” symbolizes the necessary transformation we all must undergo to better ourselves and reach our potential, both individually and globally, for the survival of our species and our planet.

I embarked on this creative journey in my college days, typing away on an old Brother digital typewriter. The process keeps my mind sharp and creative while challenging my perspectives. Editing and publishing reviews and stories for Coming Up Magazine exposes me to music and art I wouldn’t usually encounter, keeping me receptive to younger generations.

I invite you to join me on this journey of growth and “Coming Up”.