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Coming Up Magazine

Coming Up Magazine – All for One, One for All

Coming Up Magazine – All for One, One for All

2015 was an amazing year for Coming Up Magazine. What started off as a small side project to help promote a few select L.A. local bands and artist, it has grown to showcase amazing artist from all over the Country and Australia and the UK. With a small team of excellent and talented writers who know and love music, Coming Up Magazine has featured great musicians playing everything from Punk to the Blues, to electronic and pure Rock and Roll. 2016 will see targeted growth in other markets including Northern California, New York, and others.

My personal belief, and the fundamental mission behind this project, is to give out positive energy and promote health and healing through music and the arts at the local level and to showcase and feature emerging new artists and musicians. We are confident that this will help inspire and elevate each of us to Be more and Do more on our own path and quest to “Come Up”.

All for One, One for All!

Brian Carrillo, Publisher, Coming Up Magazine.