Earth Is Made Up Of Two Planets, Say Scientists

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A ‘violent, head-on collision’ between Earth and a developing planet called Theia formed the planet that we live on today and also created the moon, according to new research. A ‘planetary embryo’ called Theia, thought to be around the same size as Earth or Mars, collided with Earth 4.5 billion years ago with the two […]


The Theory of Rock

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The Theory of Rock Rock Music – A rhythmic emphasis on melodic progression to a percussive point, with consistent harmonic reinforcement. Rock Theory: All music as rock and roll (the “optimal” genre) Its categories are subdivided as follows, with the primary twin branching examples, culminating in its traditional incarnation, followed by an artist signifying the […]

Coming Up Resources and Library

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  LA Blogs Amateur Chemist Aquarium Drunkard Binary Buddyhead City of Devils Classical Geek Theatre Downtown Lobby Feed Your Head FMLY Free Bike Valet Funny Ha Ha Grimy Goods Illiot Gould Inflight At Night IROM L.A. Record L.A. Slush L.A. Times – Pop & Hiss LA Music Blog LA Underground LA Weekly – West Coast […]

Lady Who?

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If you listened to her sing the night of the Oscars then you know this girls has talent. Lady Gaga also has talent when it comes to transformation. Does she do all this on her own or does she have help? It does not matter. After all, we are all the net sum of all we […]

Wing Chun – Remaining Calm in all Things

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  This Wing Chun Documentary explains the benefits of Wing Chun and how it can help you in many different ways. It is the third martial art styles I have studied and perhaps the most effective.  In a nutshell it teaches maintaining direct center against your opponents and minimizing effort. The earliest known mentions of […]